A New Adventure…

So if you’re reading this I finally bit the bullet and finished setting up my Blog.  After buying my domain last October it’s safe to say that this has been a long time coming.

So first a little more about me and why this blog has come to be.  From an early age I always loved to read, although my love for video games almost always prevailed in the battle for my attention.  English was my forte throughout the entirety of my time in education and later led to me studying it at A level before boycotting the idea of further higher education altogether in pursuit of the working world.  My love for language and words stemmed from two preciously pivotal people in my life.  My wonderful mum Gill and my brilliantly intelligent late grandad Raymond.

In true Jon fashion at the age of 21 I decided to abandon my career and everything I had going on at the time in search of a new adventure (I don’t like to stagnate).  This time to try my hand at Musical Theatre.  I’d performed since my mid teens and knew that if I didn’t ever try, it would later manifest itself as a great regret in my life.

So here I am, 24 years old, partnered to the wonderful Daniel, living in London, finishing off my musical theatre degree and deciding to write a blog when I have a dissertation that needs doing (starting…oops).  Ambitious you say?  Nope, just stupid unfortunately!

So here you can expect weekly posts on whatever has sparked my creative juices!

Your thoughts and comments are most welcome and positively encouraged so send them my way!

I’m excited to share this new side of me with you all!


  1. Loved yours and dans YouTube channel from day one and will always be a big fan. Love you guys x

  2. You two guys show so much love for each other on your v logs in all your advantages keep it up through all the ups and downs in life , you have love this will see you through them all. Jonothan and Daniel 💕.

  3. Hi and congrats!
    I’m following you on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook and I’m curious what nationality have you because your second name is Barakât and the “â” is a romanian vowel.

  4. As someone who has degrees in both English and theatre, I know where you’re coming from. And I look forward to seeing what you have to say here. Break a – what? A pen? A keyboard? Anyway, good luck!

  5. This is so nice Jon. U are so cute whit Dan. Love U both! Hope U give a link on insta when U post something here! ❤❤

  6. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read more. I’m curious what it’s going to be. Scribbles, thoughts, ideas, fiction or non-fiction, poems, verses or rhymes.

  7. Wow! Go for it Jon! Happy to get to know you from another perspective.
    Good thoughts and good luck 😘
    Love always 🌈

  8. Good for you for following your dreams, no matter what. Just goes to show, it’s never too late to do what you love. Enjoy yours and Dan’s YouTube videos and now looking forward to your blogs. Good luck!
    -Joshua, an American fan 😊

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