My Gym Routine & Motivation

It’s cold out.  In fact, it’s REALLY COLD OUT!  So cold, that I actually can’t remember the last time I had to leave the house in 6 layers of clothing as a means to survive rather than a fashion statement.  Not that I’ve ever done that either but you get my point. IT’S COLD!

This time of year is always my ‘sticky patch’ when ironically I come unstuck with my fitness motivation.  I don’t know if it’s the change of season or the fact that I get to a point where my results begin to slow after my ‘New-Year-New-Me Bootcamp’ like mentality (which I start every year with, without fail) but I begin to find going to the Gym a chore.

Generally, I train 4 times a week. I’m no expert when it comes to the gym nor am I saying that this is what you too should be doing but I know my body and for me, this works best.  My preferred work out time is 5am. It’s always dead at this time and I can get in and out before the 6am rush of people who think they are there early enough to beat the morning rush haha!

I break my 4 days up into:

  1. Chest & Triceps – By far my favourite day that always kicks off every week! Always day 1 of my cycle as it leaves me feeling great and really confident.
  2. Back & Biceps – My least favourite day when I’m away from the gym and the one I dread but not once have I not enjoyed a workout on this day…I don’t get it either, I’m just strange I guess!
  3. L E G  D A Y – I love it. Not because I’m a dancer but because Wednesdays and Thursdays at Uni for me are more acty, singy days so I know I’m not going to have to endure endless hours of Ballet, Jazz and Tap on legs that were destroyed by 7am!
  4. Shoulders – I usually train shoulders on a Friday and slot in my rest day between Monday and then. This way I remain active and in my routine all the way up to the weekend. The workout is nice and quick and not too much to ask of myself with another day of dance ahead.

I train Abs in the gym twice a week whenever I have the time to stay a little later as well as doing crunches, leg raisers and other abdominal exercises every morning in my dance classes.

In addition to this I try to go to at least one HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Class and one Spin Class every week.

It’s safe to say that I’m a very active individual but that’s mostly because I have to be in my chosen profession.  Trust me, if we did a personality test I would be the laziest of us all!  So when I start to get run down or overly tired the first thing to leave my routine are my visits to see Jim…Gym*.

But this year my motivation is different, my goals are no longer aesthetic.  My goal is to be the healthiest, strongest, fittest and best version of myself FOR MYSELF.  Not only in body but also in mind.  Making this small change has stopped me over analysing and scrutinising myself in the mirror for my abs not being defined enough or my arms big enough and made me enjoy the results in increasing my weights and endurance time in exercises.

It’s also taken away the guilt I feel for treating myself to foods that I love and quite frankly deserve!  I’m not saying I go to the gym and then gorge myself on pizza (only occasionally) but I believe in everything in moderation.  Unless it’s peanut butter and then it’s a case of the more scoops, the bigger my smile 😀

Everyone struggles at times and ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so just take it one day at a time and love yourself… that’s what I’ll be doing anyway.


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  2. Sounds like our routine days are the same. Chest day is my favourite day too, so much so that if I’m adding an extra session I throw in an extra chest day mid-week. But, legs is my least favourite. If my schedule changes, for whatever reason, that’ the one I drop. Although, my walk to work and back is 3.5km each way, plus to the gym and back a further 2.5km. So with a potential 12km a day, at least, I think my legs get a pretty good workout.

    On a side note, this was a great post. Very well written. Although, the proofreader/ editor in me thinks your punctuation could be better! Sorry. But, I am offering my services. Please get in touch if you so wish.

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